Within a relatively short time, Goals for Bowls receives official status as a charitable organization, paving way for additional support and investment

HURST, TX — Within a few months of submitting our application, the IRS has provided an official determination of 501(c)3 nonprofit status to the The Goals for Bowls Foundation (Goals for Bowls), a nonprofit entity, with the stated purpose of providing soccer balls and meals to underprivileged children in various countries and the United States.  This designation was provided on June 29, 2017; but has an effective date of October 28, 2016.  This matches the formation date of our charity, and ensures that nearly every dollar raised will be tax deductible!

Furthermore, the ruling allows Goals for Bowls to directly accept tax-deductible donations from individuals, and elevates the organization to the same legal status as 6 Stones, Community Enrichment Center, Build International Ministries, among many others.  Importantly, it enables the startup charity to solicit more significant grants from foundations — many of which say they are more comfortable funding 501(c)3’s. Since its founding last year, Goals for Bowls has already provided numerous balls and meals in impoverished countries and is embarking on a mission trip to Ghana in a just a few days!

During the first half of 2017, Goals for Bowls was faced with a daunting question, “Have you been designated a 501(c)3 organization?”  The “no” answer meant that prospective donors often told us to call them back once we had such designation as their families or companies were uncomfortable donating to charities that did not have the determination.  

“We are so excited to have received this positive determination from the IRS,” said Sarah Shaw, Founder and CEO of Goals for Bowls.  “It will allow Goals for Bowls to pursue larger grants and other opportunities restricted to nonprofits with 501(c)3 status.”

Sarah Shaw’s love of soccer developed beginning at the age of 6, and continued into her college career having achieved the unique distinction of being a four-year letterwinner on Texas A&M’s soccer team.  She began volunteering at a food pantry at the age of 10, and her passions grew to wanting to make a difference and start Goals for Bowls.  Sarah is stepping out in faith, and not just talking about it, but taking action.

In the coming weeks, Sarah, and Susan Shaw, who is Sarah’s Mother and Chief Operating Officer for Goals for Bowls, are travelling to Accra, Ghana.  They are excited about the opportunity to take soccer balls and provide meals to approximately 80 children in two orphanages in addition to having the opportunity to work with about 250 children at a local Bible Club!  If others are called to assist in this mission, please visit our website at www.goalsforbowls.com.  Here there are opportunities to purchase t-shirts and soccer balls, or simply make a tax-deductible donation.