Helping People Through Fun and Food

Our mission is to provide joy, hope, fellowship and community through the use of soccer balls and the deliverance of healthy meals to children who need it.

For every #GFB soccer ball purchased, one soccer ball and one meal will be donated to a child in need.  While soccer balls and meals contribute greatly to the children’s physical needs, the two are just avenues used to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children around the world. It is our belief that you must take care of the physical needs of people before you can satisfy their spiritual needs. Once you have Jesus, however, you have everything you need.

We gained inspiration for Goals For Bowls from the TOMs Shoes one-for-one concept. However, even though we say we give one meal, with your help and donations we give far more than just one meal for every soccer ball sold. For example, on our past trip to Ghana we took 24 soccer balls and fed over 350 children in an orphanage in Kumasi, Ghana and at a Bible Club in the rural village of Duampopo, Ghana. With your help we can truly make a difference for children all around the world!

Soccer is more than just a sport. It’s an outlet for millions of children around the world to forget about their worries and daily struggles and just have fun and be a kid! While playing soccer is great for the kids physically and socially, they still need meals and food in order to get through their day that most simply do not have access to.